Cupping Testimonials

Sandra is a deeply skilled, intuitive, and gentle practitioner who has offered me a safe, justice-oriented, trans-friendly space to heal. Her integration of cupping & herbal treatments are powerful, non-invasive, and very effective. Her practice has really helped me build a solid foundation for long-term well being. Thank you! I’m so grateful for your work!
— Harley M

Much happened with that session, you pulled so much from me that needed to go. I was in this euphoric magical state all evening. Felt absolutely wonderful. Slept better than in a long time.  For sure I am going to do this at the start of each school vacation. Sets the tone! But this went even deeper. Tooth stopped hurting as bad almost immediately as did the shoulder. I know I can’t ignore them. The gums settled down right away! And the sharp pain in my head left. Cupping is just amazing. Very deep healing. All calm oxygen flowing. Great release of inflammation. Honestly there is nothing in me but gratitude and peace and wanting to stay in this luxurious place which is my own skin that you gave back to me. It’s your love that makes this healing so deep. Way totally gifted and I am so grateful for you Sandra.
— Karen G

Sandra is a compassionate, intuitive healer, wise with years of studying plants and their healing properties.  You will know you are in the hands of a gifted healer when she looks into your eyes and listens to your words and to the silences between your words.  She is making a careful assessment of what will release your physical and emotional discomfort.  No two of her treatments are ever the same. The herbal oils and aromas she uses relax or enliven you for the cupping.  When she applies the cups the word that always comes to mind is “Ahhhhh.”  It is an indescribable feeling of release, as though a dam blocking a swollen stream is being removed. She has treated me for a painful pulled intercostal muscle, IBS, seasonal sadness and lethargy, grief trauma, and once just for rejuvenation. I always experience more physical and emotional ease and increased energy.  Writing about this makes me want a treatment right now!”   
— Sandy B

This winter I had bronchitis, but worse than I’d ever had previously, and seemingly resistant to all my efforts with natural self-care. What really helped, finally, were two sessions I had with Sandra Lory. The cupping was particularly helpful, not to mention one of the most pleasurable forms of “massage” I’d ever had! Imagine your muscles being pulled and stretched outwardly instead of being pushed in as with traditional forms of massage. It seemed to allow a totally new way for the circulation to flow into the areas cupped. Sandra is wise, a knowledgeable healer, intuitive, and loving. Highly recommended!
— Deb L

After receiving a cupping session with folk herbalist and cupping therapist Sandra, I walked away feeling relaxed, clear and more aware.  While I was being cupped, the suction felt extremely clearing for me- it felt as though someone was pulling negative energy or blockages out of my body or pulling down through the lymph allowing my body to naturally release all unwanted fluid or stagnant energy.  The suctions did not hurt at all!  Before beginning my session, I had been experiencing an acute headache in the back of my neck and skull.  I came to Sandra for a cupping service to help my circulatory system move blood and improve circulation to my hands and feet, as they are always cold.  I also wanted to help clear any blockages in the reproductive organs, as I would like to increase chances of fertility. After my first treatment, I noticed immediately that my headache cleared and my feet and hands were much warmer than normal.  I will absolutely keep going to Sandra to receive cupping in the future and I highly recommend her services. Sandra is simply amazing!
— Kym R

I have been cupped by Sandra Lory several times, I feel very comfortable in her loving, caring hands.  I sought this modality of healing not only for physical reasons, but also for emotional and spirit healing, in particular when I lost a loved one.  She exudes an intuition for knowing what her patients need, and can perform the healing in the most empathetic way possible.  I would highly recommend Sandra’s cupping therapy as a compliment to all healing modalities
— Joann D

I’ve had several cupping sessions with Sandra Lory, and have found them profoundly  healing.   The first time, I was in bed with a lot of back pain that had come on suddenly from a fall. Sandra just happened to stop by for a visit, and when she saw I was in acute pain, she instantly went to get her ‘cups’. I was familiar with cupping, as it’s an age old traditional healing system, and my grandmother use to do cupping for neighbors and friends for a variety of healing purposes. Within just a few minutes of the cups being placed on several locations on my back, I felt a warm relaxing sensation. When Sandra finished the session 15 or 20 minutes later, I was completely out of pain and my back was 90% better. I actually was amazed. Since, I’ve had her work on me a number of times. I love the deeply relaxing feeling, the sense of things moving, and decongesting in the body. Sandra brings her own special talents to cupping, as she’s not only a ‘professional cupper” ~ yes, there is such a thing! ~ but also an excellent herbalist and aromatherapist. She combines her knowledge of plants, aromatherapy and herbal products to create a deeply healing experience.     

I also had Sandra teach basic cupping techniques to my advanced students. I had the amazing experience of observing her cup a number of students and witnessed the profound experiences many of them had. It is wonderful to see this ancient tradition being revived, and especially to see it being incorporated into modern herbalism, as many of the old granny healers and traditional herbalists used cupping as part of their practice.   Sandra is on the ‘cupping edge’, helping to bring cupping back as an important and relevant healing tool.
— Rosemary Gladstar

My very first cupping experience quickly and rather unexpectedly became a deep and profound healing experience. As soon as I laid down upon Sandra’s table I realized that something magical and ancient was resurfacing to be pulled up and out - energetic waste related to trauma that absolutely did not serve me anymore- but that had become very habituated and embedded in my body, both physical and energetic. I felt as if the experience really transformed me energetically, and I feel that physically I also benefited from the cupping of the area with usually chronic sciatica, I have not had a single episode of pain three weeks out. I am looking forward to my next session.
— Suki C