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Due to family emergency, I am currently not in the office. I will resume offering cupping via a limited number of home visits sometime in the fall of 2018. Please email or call/text (802) 793-8983 to be added to the wait list for an appointment. 


My Office


Located at the Grian Herbs Apothecary and Wellness Center ~ 34 Elm Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602 USA.

Appointments are available Thursdays at my Montpelier office. Rate is $60/hour.

Home visits also available, Monday-Friday. 


Is cupping right for me?


If you have questions about whether cupping is right for you, contact me.

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Intake Questions

Upon scheduling your treatment I will ask if you can answer yes to any of the following statements. Answering yes does not exclude you from treatment, but it is part of the intake process.

I have a cardiovascular or blood pressure condition

I have been cupped in the last week

I am menstruating

I have a broken bone, or an injured   muscle or tendon

I have: neuropathy, diabetes, allergies, varicose veins, a hernia, skin rash, fever

I have a spinal condition

I am pregnant

I am in pain

I am taking prescription medication

I have a tumor or cancerous growth

I have a blood clotting condition

I have a kidney infection

I have an open skin wound  

I have recently undergone surgery

I have a contagious illness

I am exhausted or depleted


For best results from your treatment: arrive warmly dressed, and at least one hour after eating a big meal. Plan to go slow the next 24 hours, especially for an hour after being cupped. Healthy hydration is paramount.