We're an herbal apothecary,

 educational farm,

and family homestead in Orange, Vermont.

Our mission is to empower your health while supporting the creation of a community-based, grassroots health care system.


We offer:

 o   Cupping Therapy Healing Sessions

o    Quality herbal products

o    Photo cards

 o    Educational workshops on our ten acre farm


Mandala Botanicals was established in 2003 after Sandra's graduation from a year-long apprenticeship with renowned western herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. Sandra has worked at Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center since 2002 in different roles: as intern, natural foods chef for programs, gardener, instructor, and conference staff at the WHC and IHS).


Rosemary Gladstar and Sandra Lory.jpg

Rosemary and Sandra at Sage Mountain in 2004


A Mandala is a universal pattern in nature.

In Sanskrit, mandala means "circle".

It is the source and cycle of all things, the intersection of dualities, and the mirroring between microcosm and macrocosm.The elements of nature and life radiate, grow and change in Mandalas. Healing arts throughout the world are expressed in the form of Mandalas.


The services of Mandala Botanicals are for educational purposes only.